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What is On Track For College?

On Track For College is a mobile app and one-stop-shop for information, guidance, and resources to help students plan for and execute their college and career goals.

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The Approach

Our platform helps students gain essential knowledge and skills while making planning resources easily accessible. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and say hello to a step-by-step information system that will set you up for future college and career success. Check out our main features below:


Follow along with our automated weekly planning reminders, tips, and resources 


Complete key research with our curated list of essential web links  


Use our Q&A service

  to address your

toughest questions & concerns


Use our checklist feature to stay organized & On Track

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Partner With Us

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Need help getting your students On Track? Allow us to help. Click the link below to see how we

can support your existing college & career programming.

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Want to get your offerings in front of a bunch of motivated teens? Then work with us to create sponsored content to get your offering front & center


This application is great for parents & students. Great way to prepare the student (& parents) for post secondary.

Not only is this app well organized and easy to navigate, but it is an excellent resource for anyone trying to plan their career and educational path.

Joel Lul (Program Director GWYABC)

Mano Reza (Parent)

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Coming Soon

Virtual Planning Workshops

&Professional Development Opportunities


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